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Our Curriculum

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Emphasis on Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL sets as the basis and foundation of our curriculum design as we believe that building strong social and emotional intelligence is crucial in developing children to be courageous learners and collaborative team players. Guided by the international CASEL SEL Framework, elements of SEL are weaved into our daily activities.

Digital Literacy Classes & Projects

Raising digital creators and not just consumers! Recognizing the need for digital literacy in today's age, our curriculum includes digital literacy sessions to develop students' skillsets and abilities to create and participate in the digital space positively. Activities include: learning basic IT skills, etiquettes, software (e.g Google Slides, game coding, etc.).

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Academic Revision

During revision time, our educators provide students with guidance on their school assignments (e.g. homework, spelling, etc.). In-house assignments are given to students to practice after they have completed their assignments.

Maker's Time

Through the STEAM* experiments and Maker’s Challenges, we reinforce knowledge learned and nurture our Explorer's curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking as they explore through experiments and solve problems by building prototypes using different tools and materials.

*STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics

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Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio

We keep our classroom ratio to a maximum of 1:15 students to ensure each child receives adequate attention from the educator.

In-House Healthy Meals

We provide students with lunch and snacks daily. Our meals are prepared by an in-house cook to ensure that our students receive fresh and nutritious food daily.


Team Building Activities

Team building outdoor activities and excursions are planned during school holidays to allow our students to learn how to communicate effectively with their peers through experiences and fun activities.

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