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Mon - Fri, 1.30 - 7pm
STEAM. Digital Creation. Coding. 

Afterschool programs for primary school kids

Develop lifelong skills beyond usual classroom learning on week days after school.


Study Squad

2.45 - 4.15 pm, Monday to Friday

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

We provide a safe and positive studying environment for our explorers to develop good learning habits and support them in the fundamentals for academic excellence.


After lunch and rest, children will start their school/tuition assignments and our educators will support them with their school spelling (English/Chinese) revision. We also provide a set of subject revision materials that we work on everyday.

We keep our teacher to student ratio to 1:15 to ensure all children get sufficient attention.


"Children are not clay to be molded, but are people whose potential can be unfolded."
Louise Hart, Child Psychologist

Enrichment Programs

As part of the core curriculum of our afterschool, we have designed these programs for our children to learn beyond classrooms and allow them to explore interests and develop skillsets.

Classes run from 4.45 - 6pm from Monday to Friday!


Jr Brave Minder

Back by neuroscience & positive psychology research, children learn to regulate their emotions and build confidence in decision making through activities!



Jr Scientist

Spark curiosity & learn Science concepts through inquiry-based experiments such as paper chromatography or chemical reaction!



Jr Outdoor


Through games & sports, explorers get to build social & collaborative skills as they interact with their peers. 



Jr Tech Titan

Create instead of just consume digitally! Explore different software applications that allow them to build digital skills!



Jr Game Designer

Code your own games instead of just playing them! Learn basic computational thinking concepts through visual block-based coding.


Our  Schedule
School Term (1.30 - 7pm)


School Holidays (7.30am - 7pm)

Arrivals & Meals

We currently do walking pick up from St Stephen's School during school term. If your child is attending another school, you will need to arrange for transportation to our space.

We provide lunch and tea break during school term & an additional breakfast during school holidays. Our meals are prepared by NEA-licensed cook to ensure that our students receive fresh and nutritious food daily. Fruits are provided during lunch and children can also refill their water bottles from our filtered water dispenser to stay hydrated.

Registration for 2023 Intake

Limited slots available! Keen to join us for a trial? 

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