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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can my child join your Afterschool Program mid-way through a school term?

Yes, children from all levels can join in our program mid-way through a school term. However, it will be subjected to availability. We encourage parents to enroll their children as early as possible.

When and what time can I send my child(ren) to the Afterschool Program? 

We are open from 1 pm to 7 pm every weekday during School Term and 7:30 am to 7 pm every weekday during school holidays. You may send them to the centre during this period. The centre is closed on official Public Holidays and 6 other designated centre closure dates for training purposes. Parents will receive the schedule at the beginning of each calendar year.


On special occasions (e.g. PSLE Marking Day) or festive celebrations (e.g. National Day Celebration) when school dismisses students earlier, are you open for students to come? 

Yes, we follow the schedule of Maha Bodhi School. On these special days, we are open from the time the students are dismissed or full day from 7:30 am to 7 pm.

What happens if I cannot pick up my child by 7 pm?

You will need to inform the team earliest possible for us to make arrangements. 


Are meals provided at your centre?

Yes. We provide lunch and tea break at our centre. 

Where are the meals from?

They are prepared in-house by a cook daily. 

Are your meals Halal/Vegetarian?

Our meals do not contain pork or lard but are not halal-certified. Please check with us if your child requires halal or vegetarian meals.


Do you provide shower facilities at your centre?

Yes, shower facilities are provided. Students can bring their change of clothes and toiletries items and keep them in their personal cubby holes. Change of clothes should be brought home daily for washing.



Is there nap time?

We have allocated a fixed timing for rest time. In view of the COVID-19 situation, they can rest at their designated space if they would like to. Otherwise, children will be reading during this time if they do not wish to nap. 


Will the teachers be guiding the students in their school homework and spelling etc?

Yes, we will.

What will the students do if they have no homework during Revision/Homework time?

A list of recommended books will be given to each child at the beginning of the school year. Parents are encouraged to purchase them and in-house assignments will be given to them to complete if they have completed their other assignments. 

What is Revision/Homework Time?

During revision and homework time, our team of educators will provide basic guidance in the child’s daily homework given by their school. During school holidays, learning techniques (e.g. Mind Mapping) will also be taught during revision time. 



What is your teacher-to-student ratio?

1 teacher to 10-15 students. Students of similar ages are grouped together.


How do the students go to your centre? Do you pick up my child from his/her school?

We only pick up students from Maha Bodhi School. Students can also be dropped off by school buses or family members.

Do you pick up my child after his/her CCA, for eg. at 4 pm?

Yes. However, we only do pick-ups for Maha Bodhi School, subject to availability. You may check with us upon registration. 


What is included in the monthly fees?

Monthly fees will include 2 meals (lunch and snack) every day and the maker’s activities. Additional charges will apply for extra enrichment or academic programs.

I will be going overseas in December. Are the fees still chargeable?

Yes, student fees are chargeable every month regardless of your attendance.

Are there any extra charges during the holidays?

You DO NOT need to pay the holiday surcharge:

If your child comes for half-day service (1 pm – 7 pm) during the 12 weeks of school holidays (March, June, September, November, and December).

You NEED to pay the holiday surcharge:

If your child comes for the full day service (7:30 am – 7 pm) during the 12 weeks of school holidays (March, June, September, November, and December) and/or special occasions during the school term such as PSLE marking day, etc. The holiday surcharge is calculated on a weekly basis. This will be collated at the end of the month and billed to you the following month.


Are there any additional charges for the maker’s time programs? 

No additional costs to the monthly after-school program fees. However, we run additional enrichment programs such as academic support classes and holiday programs that are optional. There will be additional charges to these programs and you may check with the centre for more details. 



How can I communicate with the Thinkubator’s team or my child’s educator?

We are committed to communicating with parents about the progress of their children through the following ways:

  • Telephone calls (mobile line)

  • Whatsapp Chats

  • Informal discussions during pick up

Our educators will also contact you should the need arise.



Can my child leave the centre on his/her own?

In view of your child’s safety, children should be picked up by parents/guardians in person from the centre’s premises. You may nominate a proxy to pick your child for the occasions you are not able to be present personally. You may nominate this person(s) in the registration form. 

For older children (P4 and above), parents can give written consent for the child to leave the centre by themselves at a daily agreed time.


The centre takes precautionary measures to ensure the safety of both our educators and students. This includes daily temperature taking, safe distancing, reminders on good hygiene practices, and increased frequency of sanitization. 

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