Here at Explorer Junior, we design hands-on opportunities for our Explorers from  3-12 years old, to explore their interests and talents, and construct their own meaning of the world. This is done through experiencing, tinkering, understanding, creating and innovating.  Our activities surround around STEAM education where Explorers will be exposed to all aspects of STEAM through our unique hands-on activities. 

Some of our unique programs include:

  • Inventors

  • Innovation & Enterprise

  • Urban Planning

  • Engineering

  • Architecture

  • Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

  • Detective Science (CSI)

  • Nature & Environment

  • Da Vinci 

  • Tech Junior 

and many more !


Regular Enrichment

Thematic Workshops

Holiday Programmes

Events & Birthday Parties

A weekly enrichment program that nurtures children's curiosity and creativity through engaging exploration and interactive experiences. Program covers more than 10 different modules and 100 topics

Some existing regular partners include:

These ad-hoc thematic workshops follow a myriad of interesting themes, with specially planned curriculum or materials extracted from our enrichment programs. 


Past themes include Tech Junior, Da Vinci, Shark vs Train, Mad Scientist, Green Rangers, Electric Fun.

Technology-based modules with unconventional learning activities  to build special skill-sets.

Currently, there are 3 EJ Signature programs which have received rave feedback and participation: Inventors, Innovation and Enterprise and Architecture/Urban Planning.

We plan and create tailored thematic hands-on activities for your child's birthday party. More than just a party, we make your child's party one that is fun yet fulfilling.


Past themes include Under the Ocean, Jurrasic World, Pokemon Fun, Food Science & many more!