The Explorer Junior Story

Explorer Junior was founded in the National University of Singapore (NUS) by 3 graduates who share a common interest in early childhood education. At Explorer Junior, we believe that every child is a curious explorer, unique and special in his / her own way, and should be given the tools, opportunity and environment to learn at his / her own pace.


The mainstream, one-size-fits-all education system may not be able to maximise the potential of every unique child. Thus, we set out to research, design and develop a set of pedagogy and monitoring methodology to spark and nurture the curiosity of every child, enabling them to discover their unique interests and talents. We also select and bring in interesting, safe and fun educational toys, carefully curated for young explorers to enjoy beyond our classroom.


Explorer Junior is currently supported by the National University of Singapore (NUS Enterprise), and has received a startup grant awarded by SPRING Singapore.

The Explorer Junior Philosophy 

Our program was conceived as a unique learning journey for children of different age groups. At Explorer Junior, every child is treated as a curious explorer - each having his / her own interests and talents, and able to learn and develop at varying paces. We strive to provide our explorers with an enriching experience that maps a journey towards their aspirations, as we capture and nurture their curiosity, and keep them engaged in learning.


At Explorer Junior, we are committed to spark your child’s curiosity to learn, acquire skills and motivation that will enable him/her to be the captain of his / her dreams.

The Explorer Junior Core Values





Iterative Development

Our Approach


Research is formalized curiosity

We seek to continuously innovate as much as we envision our children to. Our pedagogy and methodology are researched-based and our activities are pilot-tested to ensure positive learning outcomes.



Learning begins with sensory information


We emphasize on hands-on, experiential learning that maximizes what children see, listen, feel and explore. This engages children, allowing them to stay curious and interested to get the most out of our activities.


We believe in integrated learning.

S.T.E.A.M. is a curriculum with a strong emphasis in 5 specific disciplines -  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics – in an interdisciplinary approach. We believe this helps children to explore & connect knowledge of the world in meaningful ways.



Design is thinking improvement, forever.


Design thinking is a solution-focused and action-oriented approach to problem solving.


Adapting the Stanford’s d.school Designing Thinking process, we allow children to iterate and think critically while solving problems.


What we learn with pleasure we never forget

We prioritize fun because the learning will come with it.

Our children love our classes. Check out the pictures in our Gallery!

Our Partners