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Jr. Brave Minder

Nurturing Confidence & Resilience

For 7 to 10 years old

Back by neuroscience & positive psychology research, this program aims to equip children with the right tools and mindset to regulate their emotions and build confidence in decision making through fun and engaging activities & projects..

"Children who are emotionally resilient are more likely to be successful in school, relationships, and life."

Dr Tamar Chansky

Focus on building social & emotional regulation skills

Through engaging and fun activities such as maker's challenges, art, debate, discussion, mindfulness practices, as well as community based projects, children learn how to manage their emotions, build confidence and positive relationships with their friends and family.

afterschool student care primary happy children

See them in action!


Focus on 

There are 8 modules in this program that allow children to build self awareness, management, social awareness, communication and decision making skills. Each of the modules run for 8 sessions.

  • Emotions Awareness & Regulation Techniques

  • Identifying Strength & Challenges

  • Goal Setting & Growth Mindset

  • Bullying 

  • Embracing Diversity (2 modules)

  • Understanding Privilege

  • Compassion towards the Environment

SEL Strategies

Our program and curriculum is grounded in research and principles of child development and positive psychology. Taking reference from CASEL framework, the program aims to help children build better social and emotional intelligence, confidence and in turn better academic excellence.


Every Monday, 4.30 - 6pm 
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