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Jr. Tech Titan

Building Digital Literacy

For 7 to 10 years old

Unlock how technology shapes our world today and explore digital tools and technologies to create instead of just consuming. 

“Digital creation provides a wonderful opportunity for young children to learn how to design and communicate ideas, collaborate with others and develop new skills”

Karen Brennan, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Digital Creation, not consumption

Raising digital creators and not just consumers! Recognizing the need for digital literacy in today's age, the program aims to develop students' skillsets and abilities to create and participate in the digital space positively. 

3D Modelling, Coding, Digital Literacy, Student Care Activities, Primary school

See them in action!

3D Modelling, Coding, Digital Literacy, Student Care Activities, Stop Motion, Primary school

Modular Approach

Unlike Jr Game Designer that aims to build computational thinking skills, Jr Tech Titan aims to get children to interact meaningfully with digital devices and understand how technology shapes our work and play. Children will be creating through different projects: 

  • Digital Art with Canva

  • Digital Presentation with Google Slides 

  • Digital Storytelling with Stop Motion 

  • 3D Building with Minecraft 

  • Robotics with Sphero 

  • Discovering AI 

Every Wednesday, 4.30 - 6pm 
Whatsapp Us for full program details!

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