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7+ to 12 years old

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Program Description

Architect + Minecraft = Awesome designing experience! Our Junior Architects will be building different structures and projects in Minecraft Creative mode while learning about architectural theories and styles from around the world!

In each 4-term (8 sessions a term), explorers will be exposed to different building themes with mini-lessons on some real-world architectural examples shared by our coach! 

Through projects like building a hotel, or constructing a roller coaster ride, explorers will apply some mathematical and science concepts as they plan out their floor plans or calculate the height of their roller coasters! They will also learn about the history and transformation of architecture from ancient times to modern days and how different cultures have influenced these designs!

Explorers will be given a rubric with the important architectural and historical elements to include in their build. They will share photos of their completed projects with us and the rest of their class!

Why Minecraft?

Everyone loves Minecraft​ and as a parent, you might have heard it from your children too! Besides being a computer game, we use this versatile platform to create learning experiences for our explorers! Besides developing competencies such as creativity and problem solving, we deepen our explorers' academic knowledge in Math and general knowledge as they apply them to construct and build in Minecraft! 

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What's covered?

  • 75 mins * 8 sessions of live virtual classes a term

  • Real-time learning with an experienced EJ coach 

  • Small group learning with an average of 5 students to ensure everyone gets equal attention from the coach and to facilitate social interaction with peers.

  • What is NOT included: This course will not include a group server and most learners will build in Minecraft on their own. 

Tools required:

  • Windows PC or MAC

  • Stable WIFI / Internet Connection

  • Web Camera 

  • A Minecraft account must be purchased by the learner and is not included in the course fee. Any and all versions of Minecraft are acceptable. Additional fees will apply if the explorer requires our coach to create an account (valid for 1 year). 

Remote Learning
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