7 - 10 YEARS OLD

"Creativity now is as important in education as literacy."

Sir Ken Robinson, Educator


Program Description

Build your child's interest in coding through our Junior Game Designer (Scratch) program! This course (3 levels in total) allows explorers to unleash their creativity and learn basic coding using the Scratch 3.0 platform.


Through different types of game projects, explorers will learning fundamental computational thinking concepts through visual block-based coding and master game design techniques!

This program has a total of 3 levels and 9 modules (36 hours in total) and is recommended for beginners from 7+ to 10 years old (with basic IT skills to operate a laptop/computer).

Why Scratch 3.0?

Developed by MIT Media Lab, Scratch is the pioneer in creating block coding and has set the gold standard for learning to code!


The software helps teach the core concepts of computational thinking while taking away the pressure of intimidating grammar and syntax. Using the streamlined visual programming blocks, our explorers can learn all about sprites, creating custom costumes, and animating with code.

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Computer Games

In this Program, 

  • Learn about basic Game Design including game characters, types of games, game rules, game story, game music, points system and others

  • Grasp Computational Thinking including programming logic and sequencing, loops and iteration, variable and event handling coordination 

  • Reinforce your Mathematics concepts such as X-Y coordinates, Map Reading, Directions, Distance, Pattern Recognition etc

  • There are 3 Modules: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance and 3 levels in each module

What’s included in each Module? 

  • 60 mins * 4 sessions of Live virtual classes 

  • Official EJ Certification 

  • Real-time learning with an experienced EJ coach 

  • Small group learning with an average of 5 students to ensure everyone gets equal attention from the coach and to facilitate social interaction with peers.

  • Complete projects under the guidance and build a portfolio

Online Class
Remote Learning

Tools required:

  • Windows PC or MAC

  • Stable WIFI / Internet Connection

  • Web Camera 

  • Email Account

Select your Module



3 Levels


Basic IT skills 


Embark the journey of learning basic coding and create simple game projects that incorporate audio, conversations, backdrop and plot





3 Levels


Jnr Game Designer, Beginner


Create more complex games with more developed game story and sprites. Build different type of games with increased difficulty and various possibilities





3 Levels


Jnr Game Designer, Intermediate


Build on your skills and create interactive multi-level games with more complicated conditions and datasets as you master the coding logic in Scratch