5 - 12 YEARS OLD


Program Description

Is your child losing interest and struggling in Math? This program nurtures your child's interest in Math through a mixture of visual cues, hands-on manipulatives, written activities, and real-life applications. 


Explorers will grasp mathematical concepts and gain confidence in solving problems with our program, aligned with the globally recognized Singapore MOE Math Curriculum and learning methodology. 


The program is topical and you can choose and pick the most suitable module that meets your child’s learning needs.

In each module, you will:

  • Remember and understand Math concepts 

  • Apply concepts and solve word problems 

  • Relate concepts with real-life examples 


Each module includes:

  • 60 mins * 4 sessions of Live virtual classes 

  • Real-time learning with an experienced EJ coach 

  • Small group learning with an average of 5 students to ensure everyone gets equal attention from the coach and to facilitate social interaction with peers.

Tools required:

  • Windows PC or MAC

  • Stable WIFI / Internet Connection

  • Web Camera 

  • Activity Sheets (to be printed)

Remote Learning



Numeracy I

Every Sat, 3.15pm

Starting 4 Sep 2021

Numbers to 20

Ones and Tens

Addition/Subtraction to 20

Addition/Subtraction with regrouping

Simple Problem Sum




Numeracy II

Every Saturday, 10.15am

Coming Soon

Numbers to 100

One and Tens

Addition/Subtraction to 100 

Addition/Subtraction with regrouping 

Simple Problem Sum



Numbers Game

Numeracy III

Every Sat, 11.30am

Coming Soon

Numbers to 1000

One, Tens and Hundreds 

Addition/Subtraction to 1000

Addition/Subtraction with regrouping 

Simple Problem Sum