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Explorer Junior x Google Singapore

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

- By Syafiqah Muhdi

Dream Team: The ladies that made Google Take Your Child To Work Day 2019 a smooth running one! (Photo By: Syafiqah Muhdi)

Just last week, Explorer Junior was at the Google Singapore headquarters for their annual Take Your Child to Work Day yet again! This year, we introduced a series of brand new STEAM activities for all the 200 children to participate in together with their family and friends.

Creators at heart: Parents were encouraged to try out the activity too, a time for them to solve problems with their little ones (Photo by: Syafiqah Muhdi)

The first activity requires children to build and light up a treehouse. They were given different components of a circuit that includes the bulb, battery and copper tape to complete their paper circuit. They then build the treehouse over it and light it up!

Help is on its way!: Our facilitators were out there helping out the children who needed assistance! (Photo by: Syafiqah Muhdi)

Children who preferred more action headed straight for the Jungle Jeep Trekking where they were given the opportunity to build their very own jeep! They were tasked to put together the different parts of the vehicle ranging from the main body, wheels, batteries to wires. Through the process, children will have to figure out how each component work with the other component and how they should come together. After several rounds of tinkering, trying and testing, most children managed to make the jeep run (and run faster!). They even had a chance to test it out on the life-size jungle play area on the spot!

Creativity never stops: A play area was setup for the kids to test out their creations. However, that did not limit them to modify their Jeeps. It can also be a Jeep for animals! (Photo By: Syafiqah Muhdi)

Team Explorer Junior has had a wonderful time facilitating the activities over at Google Singapore and witness all children having an enriching experience with us. The Google Take Your Child To Work Day was just one of the many events that Explorer Junior had been engaged for. We curate and create customize unique STEAM events based on the needs of our partners to suit their event needs.

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