STEAM Activities: Introduction to Leaves Part 1

Defining the Big Hypothesis: All plants have leaves and leaves come in different shapes and sizes.

Hi Parents / Educators!

In this activity, we will:

  1. Identify different types of leaves and their similarities and differences in appearance

  2. Understand how leaves are part of the bigger plant system and its functions

  3. Observe the tiny veins on the leaves and understand what they are

Equipment you need!

  1. Crayons

  2. Different Types of Leaves

  3. Paper

  4. "What are Leaves" Slides and Activity Sheets

Experiment Time!

  1. Start off by introducing what are leaves using the "What are Leaves" slides in the digital resource.

2. Collect fallen leaves with different shapes as a class. Try not to pluck the leaves from the living plants.

3. Choose and place a leaf under the Rubbing Activity sheet. Alternatively, you can use any piece of paper that is not too thick.

4. Use the crayon to create a rubbing of it.

5. Try with various leaves and colours to create a collection of leaves!


Discuss what similarities and differences they see in the different leaves and categorize them.

  • All leaves have veins

  • Most leaves are green in colour; depending on the collection, colours might be the same or different

  • Leaves come in different shapes and sizes

  • Leaves come in single or many blades

P.S. The learning objectives are aligned with international standards such as NGSS and Singapore MOE Science Curriculum.

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