STEAM Activities: Introduction to Plants Part 1

Defining the Big Hypothesis: Plants are living things and are made up of different parts. The main parts are roots, stems and leaves. The other parts are the flowers and fruits too.

Hi Parents / Educators!

In this activity, we will:

  1. Differentiate plants from other living and Non-living things

  2. Recognize different parts of a plant: Leaves, Roots, Stems, Fruits, and Flowers by building a 2D plant model

Equipment you need!

  1. Digital Resources: ‘What are Plants’ slides and Activity Sheets

  2. Craft materials (eg scissors, tape, glue, paper, pom pom, strings, etc)

Experiment Time!

1. Introduce ‘plants’ to your explorers through the What are Plants slides.

You can check out Dr. Binocs video here:

2. Play the ‘Spot the Plants’ exercise using the Spot the Plants slides. Explorers have to identify real plants from the different pictures.

3. If time and space allow, you can bring the explorers out for a walk around the neighbourhood and collect some fallen twigs, leaves, or even flowers for the craft activity. During the walk, get your explorers to observe the different parts of plants around them! Do not pluck from the living plants though!

4. Create a 2-D Plant model using craft materials and items they collected during the nature walk! Be creative and use any materials you can find from home!

5. Get children to recap on the names of the plant's parts in our matching sheet!


Recap the key parts of a plant and discuss with the explorers what they observe in the nature walk or from the Spot the Plants slides:

  1. Do all plants have flowers? Fruits?

  2. Did you see any plants with roots above the ground?

  3. Did you observe any difference in the stems of different plants?

  4. Did you observe items that look like plants but are not?

  5. What was the smallest plant you saw?

  6. What was the tallest plant you saw?

  7. Did you see any plants growing out of water?

  8. Were all the plants alive or some are dead? What are their differences?

P.S. The learning objectives are aligned with international standards such as NGSS and Singapore MOE Science Curriculum.

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