STEAM Activities: Light Detectives Part 1

Defining the Big Hypothesis: Light can travel pass through some but not all objects!

Hi Parents / Educators!

In this activity, we will:

  1. Discover which objects allow light to pass through them and learn the words Transparent, Opaque, and Translucent.

  2. Sort and Categorize objects according to their transparency.

Equipment you need:

  1. Torchlight (or Mobile phone with light)

  2. Different Objects for Testing

  3. Activity Sheet

Experiment Time!

Find out which objects allow light to pass through and which objects don't by shining the torch at them one at a time! Get the Explorers to observe what happens next.

Here are some exploratory questions you can ask them:

  • Did light pass through the object?

  • Did the object block the light off?

  • Is the light source after the object still as bright as before? (Ans: If it is not as bright, some light have been blocked off)

  • Is the light bend over the object? (Ans: No! Light travel in straight lines)

You can prepare different objects and household items for this experiment and allow Explorers to explore in a safe space at home or in the outdoor area!

P.S. Remind children not to shine the torchlight straight into their own or their sibling/friends' eyes for safety reasons.


Discuss with your Explorers about their observations and allow them to document them down in the activity sheet! Documenting and recording of observation in written form is an important process for kindergarten Explorers as it helps them pick up logical skills such as sorting and categorizing and also enables them to draw meaningful deductions based on the experiments.

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