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Jr. Game Designer

Block-based Coding

For 7 to 10 years old

Through different types of projects using Scratch 3.0, explorers will learn fundamental computational thinking concepts through visual block-based coding and master game design & animation techniques! 

"Creativity is as important as literacy and numeracy."
Sir Ken Robinson

Project-based Learning

The program is designed for young explorers who are passionate about games creation.


Explorers will learn about basic Game Design and Animation including game characters, types of games, game rules, game story, game music, points system and others and don their creativity caps through the different projects. 


They will pick up Computational Thinking including programming logic and sequencing, loops and iteration, variable, data and event handling coordination to bring their creation to life!

Afterschool Student Care Scratch Coding

Check out some of our projects!

Game Design Scratch Coding Student Care

Modular Approach

There are 8 progressive modules in this program that expose children to a wide range of different projects and help them build their computational thinking skills in a progressive manner. The modules include: 

  • Games Animation

  • Games Fundamentals (Level 1-2)

  • Complex Games (Level 1-2) 

  • Games with AI 

  • Internet Safety & Ethical Hacking

  • VR Robots Control

Award-winning Tools

We use Scratch 3.0 for this program. Developed by MIT Media Lab, Scratch is the pioneer in creating block coding and has set the gold standard for learning to code!


The software helps teach the core concepts of computational thinking while taking away the pressure of intimidating grammar and syntax. Using the streamlined visual programming blocks, our explorers can learn all about sprites, creating custom costumes, and animating with code.

student care primary school coding

Every Thursday, 4.30 - 6pm 
Whatsapp Us for full program details!

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