Explorer Club STEAM Enrichment Program

Explorer Club

We conduct our flagship Explorer Club weekly STEAM enrichment program for children ages 4 to 6 years oid at partner preschools across the island. 

This program is designed to nurture children's curiosity and creativity through engaging exploration and interactive experiences. 

More than 100 topics covered

The Explorer Club program is conducted over 2 years and covers a wide array of topics across many disciplines.


Using our unique teaching methodology, children will be able to pick up concepts through a series of engineering activities, experiments and craft projects. 

Examples of activity include unplugged coding, coding with Scratch Jr, learning about motors through constructing a tank, create a marble maze, learning about gravity through a parachute and more!

Explorer Club STEAM Enrichment Program
Explorer Club STEAM Enrichment Program


Children will also be exposed to design-thinking as they attempt to solve problems presented to them in the program. 

The program encourages children to apply their knowledge and develop the Explorer Mindset, preparing them for their future!

Interested partners/childcare/kindergarten, contact us for more information!

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