“The kids really enjoyed this camp! And I was blown away by the activity kits that they took home, complete with the phone microscope and all! It was really very thoughtfully put together and provided them with more entertainment even after the camp was done (or I think at least they provided me with more entertainment fixing the items).." 


—  Qinghui, Mother of Tobias & Oliver

“Thank you so much for the lovely program. Amelia had such an amazing time and has learned so much! Well done!" 


—  Mae, Mother of Amelia

“Rebecca had a really wonderful time over the last 5 days of your camp. She always came back excited to show and tell us what she did. She really loves the ocean lava lamp that she made and things she learned about sharks." 


—  Jacelyn, Mother of Rebecca, 5 Years Old 

“Igor loved the workshop and I am amazed how much you managed to do with the kids within the short time. Once again, I am a very happy parent and I hope you will offer more workshops at claymore in the future" 

- Christine, Mother of Igor, 5 Years Old

"En Bi and Seo Yeon enjoyed themselves immensely under Explorer Junior's care and guidance! They described the workshop with smiles on their faces excitedly for those two days I picked them up from the workshop. There is no doubt that they will want to return for future workshops." 

- June, Mother of En Bi, 8 Years Old & Seo Yeon, 9 Years Old 

"My daughter Catherine enjoyed your workshop very much and I would be interested to enroll Catherine into future workshops!"


- David, Father of Catherine, 4.5 Years Old

"My daughter Sofie thoroughly enjoyed the session this morning, and would love to join your other workshops!"

-Laura, Mother of Sofie, 4 Years Old 

"EJ has young engaging facilitators who provide a wide array of hands-on materials and explorative resources for our preschoolers to explore & discover! Our preschoolers love their lessons.”


- Sylvia, Preschool Educator at Child Atelier 

"My child really enjoys the fun and enriching lessons. He simply wants more and more!"


Mr Tan, Father of Kai En, 6 Years Old

"My daughter enjoyed the classes and has benefited from the 2-year program. I would definitely sign up for my younger son now.”



- Mr Thiam, Father of Zhe Yu, 6 Years Old & Shun Fu, 4 Years Old